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At heart, Local Voices is a unique and effective model for bringing local voters’ voices to the center of the American political narrative. We create campaign ads in the battleground counties of battleground states that feature local voices sharing their authentic political views and their endorsements of the Democratic ticket in their own words. Building on the adage “all politics is local,” we air these ads in the same communities where they were made.

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In 2012, we filmed and launched 29 ads in presidential battleground states like Colorado, Florida and Ohio. These ads helped working class Americans—firemen, nurses, veterans, small business owners and retirees—tell positive, pro-Obama stories to their own communities on local TV, radio and across the web.

We reached over 20 million people, contributing to President Obama winning in 5 of the 6 states in which Local Voices ran. This builds on the previous success of our award-winning advertisements in 2008.

Races To Run


Our roster of renowned directors is currently producing ads in the key battleground states of Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. We will go on the offensive to exploit Trump’s weakness and are presently focusing on Georgia, Utah and Arizona to shape the electoral map.

Local Voices is working with top research firm maslansky + partners  to target key demographics within swing state communities. We plan to double our TV audience to over 40 million, while geo-targeting across social media to bring powerful local voices to pivotal local audiences.

With your financial support, Local Voices will have even greater reach and impact in 2016.  Together, we can stand up to Trump and ensure a victory for Hillary Clinton in 2016.