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The Campaign

We created our 2016 campaign ads on a shoestring budget, with award-winning documentary filmmakers donating their time because they believed in our project. But even on that modest budget, we began the conversation that Washington needs to continue if we are going to move forward as a country. We can no longer afford to ignore the populism of “Middle America.” Nor can we ignore mobilization of divisive and often hate-filled messages. We must unite.

Our work has just begun.

Center-Stage for Local Voters

Founded in 2008 by Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker Lee Hirsch (Bully), Local Voices is an award-winning Democratic Super PAC that offers a unique and effective political advertising model. Over the last two Presidential election cycles, we have produced and aired over 50 postive campaign ads, focusing on the white working class, winning top industry honors and votes for the Democratic ticket.

We create campaign ads in the battleground counties of battleground states that feature local voices sharing their authentic political views and endorsements in their own words. We air our spots in the same communities where they were filmed – creating a uniquely persuasive political ad.

Local Voices — National Reach 

In 2016, we doubled our TV audience to over 40 million, while geotargeting across social media, reaching close to 6 million views on Facebook.  

In 2012, our ads reached over 20 million voters, and President Obama won in 5 out of the 6 states where we advertised.

An Effective Model

Leading public opinion and political strategy research company Lake Research Partners reported that Local Voices ads demonstrated:

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    More than 45% of respondents were more likely to vote for Barack Obama
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    63% said the ads motivated them to vote
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    61% of respondents found the ads credible; 10 pts higher than traditional ad executions

Ads That Ring True

Acclaimed research firm maslanksy + partners recently tested our 2016 pilot spot from Cascade County, Montana against high profile ads from the Trump and Hillary campaigns as well as Priorities USA with Republican and independent voters.

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    When played head-to-head with other ads, the Local Voices ads drove the highest recall
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    Voters saw the other ads as the same-old political attacks
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    For these voters, the inclusion of a local voice made the ad immediately stick out
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    Respondents not only found the ad unique and authentic, but convincing and even motivating
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    At its high point, the Local Voices ad scored 20 points higher than one of the highest profile Priorities USA ads (high points of 71 and 51, respectively) with Independents
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    At its high point, the Local Voices ad scored just as well with Moderate Republicans as Trump’s own campaign ad (high points of 75 and 74, respectively) and 12 points higher with Independents (high points of 71 for LV and 59 for Trump ad)

Thank You

We want to thank Andrea, Anne, Dave, Denny, Don, Ed, Emily, Enid, Garry, Gladys, Hanna, Helen, James, Jeff, Joan, Liz, Meg, Michele, Phil, Richard, Susan and Reverend Wayne for participating in Local Voices and speaking out in your communities.

We know that many of you have had to endure criticism and personal attacks as a result of your participation, your courage is an inspiration.

Our Team

We also want to thank our incredible roster of award-winning directors and their crews who volunteered their time and talent: Rachel Grady, Kristi Jacobson, Heidi Ewing, Marshall Curry, Gabriel London, Amir Bar-Lev, Amy Berg, Diana Whitten, and Tyler Measom.

We also want to thank our generous donors, without whom none of this could have happened.

Our Directors

Looking Forward

Local Voices will continue to focus its efforts on creating opportunities for residents of battleground states to share their stories.