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The Campaign

Local Voices is a unique and effective model for bringing local voters’ voices to the center of the American political narrative. We create campaign ads in battleground states that feature local voices sharing their authentic political views and their endorsements of the Democratic ticket in their own words, and we air these ads in the same communities where they were made.

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The 2016 Election

These ads empowered working Americans—firemen, nurses, veterans, teachers, and small business owners—to share their thoughts about the election with their own communities on local TV, radio, and across social media.

This belief that open community dialogue is the cornerstone of democracy, is what inspired us to create Local Voices in the first place. From the beginning, we have emphasized the value of facilitating conversation at the local level: neighbor-to-neighbor.

Unfortunately, unlike 2008 and 2012, this time our candidate did not win. In fact, the vitriol of the 2016 campaign and Donald Trump’s razor thin victory margin, reminded us of how divided we are as a nation, as well as how frustrated many Americans feel.

We still believe in the Local Voices modelhaving the data and research to prove its efficacybut know we could have made a deeper impact in the communities we worked in if we had met our key fundraising goals. It’s an important lesson for us going forward.

Why Our Model Matters

Now More Than Ever

By focusing on the real stories of individual Americans, we bucked the trend of spin, “identity politics” and punditry itself that have drowned out the voices of real people and furthered divisions in the country. And the election’s outcome speaks to the continued relevance of our target demographic: the rural and ex-urban voter. We need civil discourse and dialogue now more than ever. That’s the Local Voices way.

Our targeted local strategy that focuses on fostering dialogue in swing state communities, speaks to the the heart of where our country needs to go. We believe that if we had more resources at our disposal, our strategy could have made a significant impact on the discourse not just in our communities, but also would have gained notice from the national press that covered the horse race at the cost of focus on people.

Looking forward, our team at Local Voices stands committed to finding ways to help us all reconnect to our common dreams, humanity, and values. We will do our best to leverage the Local Voices model to help unite Americans going forward. There is much work to do.

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With your financial support, Local Voices will make a lasting impact in the 2018 Midterm Elections. If you would like to join our team or can support our mission – please get in touch.