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When Documentary Filmmakers Direct Political Ads

“Local Voices’ opposition to Donald Trump might just be creating a new model for future elections to come (…) An all-star cast of directors have fanned out across the nation to shoot 1-minute ads in support of Hillary Clinton. The ads are tight, to the point, and powerful portraits (…) No bells or whistles but plenty of honest talk and earnest looking into the camera.”


Sanibel veteran wants you to say no to Trump

“It hits you not just intellectually but emotionally,” said Political Scientist Dr. Laura Weir, who called the ad different than any other she’s seen. “My response to that was one of great respect for this person,” Weir said. “And for what he said.”


Trump Stoppers: How Filmmakers Are Making a Difference in Swing States

‘The 2016 campaign has recruited some of the top filmmakers working in nonfiction. (They) are capturing the unscripted concerns of reverends, truck drivers and Republicans.” They wrote to IndieWire about their experience and approach to making these ads.

Mother Jones

Super-PAC Works to Elect Hillary Clinton One Community at a Time

“Well-funded super-PACs have redefined the political landscape by pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into ads that reach voters across states or the country. By contrast, Local Voices thinks it can accomplish more by targeting fewer people and focusing on a key demographic this election: white, Republican-leaning, and largely blue-collar voters who can be dissuaded from supporting Trump.”

Independent Journal Review

A Group of Filmmakers Made Pro-Clinton Campaign Ads to Convince Republicans Uneasy with Trump to Vote for Clinton

“The solidly red county is not the type of place a Democratic presidential candidate would expect to do well. But a group of documentary filmmakers believes their style of campaign storytelling could change that…”


Pro-Obama super PAC launches last minute $1.1M positive ad campaign

“It felt so authentic to us – having local people talking about local issues. We thought these positive spots would hold meaning for voters exhausted by all the attack ads they’ve been exposed to…” 


Florida Residents Make Positive, Local Case for Obama...

“Local Voices aims to bypass the spin of traditional negative campaign ads and prompt a real conversation among voters in swing states.”

Huffington Post

Last Week Push: ‘Local Voices’ Speak Positive Messages...

“Viewing and enjoying Local Voices is a meaningful exercise that will surely lift your campaign-battered spirits. (It speaks in) words and tones that strike a chord without the vitriol that too often clouds the conversation.”